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2013/2014 winter weather forecast.

The winter 2013/2014 in the UK will be another cold one, according to several sources we’ve investigated.

The latest updates from several places suggest it will be both colder and snowier than average – it will be another in the recent series of snowy winters.

There are several key factors influencing this:

2013 big freezeLow solar activity this year. The sun is ‘always on’ but actually varies in intensity, and a small change in this can affect the overall temperature of the planet.

The gulf stream shifting. The gulf stream is what creates our weather here in the UK, this is a strema of air that flows across the Atlantic, and brings different weather to our shores. The shifting gulf stream has benefited us at points, bringing warm weather, however the shift can also cause very cold winters.

Colder, snowier, sooner.

Weather specialists say that they expect large parts of this winter to be very cold and exceptionally snowy in comparison to last year (forecasting confidence is quite high). They also expect these conditions to arrive earlier, rather than later this winter. There may even be the potential for some of the coldest/snowiest conditions in at least a century at times within the upcoming winter.

What to do?

Head abroad! If the cold weather isn’t enough, why not look at our other reasons to go on a winter sun holiday.

Take a winter sun villa holiday!

Did you know?

The GLOBAL average temperature, is 15 Degrees Celsius?

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